Keep Deleting

Time Limit: Java: 2000 ms / Others: 2000 ms

Memory Limit: Java: 65536 KB / Others: 65536 KB


Assume that string A is the substring of string B if and only if we can find A in B, now we have a string A and another string B, your task is to find a A in B from B's left side to B's right side, and delete it from B till A is not a substring of B, then output the number of times you do the delete.

There are only letters(A-Z, a-z) in string A and B.


This problem contains multiple test cases. Each case contains two line, the first line is string A, the second line is string B, the length of A is less than 256, the length of B is less than 512000.


Print exactly one line with the number of times you do the delete for each test case.

Sample Input


Sample Output



abcabcddabcdababcdcd delete=0 abcdabcdababcdcd delete=1 abcdababcdcd delete=2 ababcdcd delete=3 abcd delete=4 delete=5


ZOJ Monthly, August 2012