Time Limit: Java: 2000 ms / Others: 2000 ms

Memory Limit: Java: 65536 KB / Others: 65536 KB


Conversion between the metric and English measurement systems is relatively simple. Often, it involves either multiplying or dividing by a constant. You must write a program that converts between the following units:

Type Metric English equivalent
Weight 1.000 kilograms 2.2046 pounds
Weight 0.4536 kilograms 1.0000 pound
Volume 1.0000 liter 0.2642 gallons
Volume 3.7854 liters 1.0000 gallon


The first line of input contains a single integer N, (1 <= N <= 1000) which is the number of datasets that follow.

Each dataset consists of a single line of input containing a floating point (double precision) number, a space and the unit specification for the measurement to be converted. The unit specification is one of kg, lb, l, or g referring to kilograms, pounds, liters and gallons respectively.


For each dataset, you should generate one line of output with the following values: The dataset number as a decimal integer (start counting at one), a space, and the appropriately converted value rounded to 4 decimal places, a space and the unit specification for the converted value.

Sample Input

1 kg
2 l
7 lb
3.5 g
0 l

Sample Output

1 2.2046 lb
2 0.5284 g
3 3.1752 kg
4 13.2489 l
5 0.0000 g




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