Duplicate Removal

Time Limit: 1000MS

Memory Limit: 65536K


The company Al's Chocolate Mangos has a web site where visitors can guess how many chocolate covered mangos are in a virtual jar. Visitors type in a guess between 1 and 99 and then click on a "Submit" button. Unfortunately, the response time from the server is often long, and visitors get impatient and click "Submit" several times in a row. This generates many duplicate requests. Your task is to write a program to assist the staff at ACM in filtering out these duplicate requests.


The input consists of a series of lines, one for each web session. The first integer on a line is N, 0 < N ≤ 25, which is the number of guesses on this line. These guesses are all between 1 and 99, inclusive. The value N = 0 indicates the end of all the input.


For each input data set, output a single line with the guesses in the original order, but with consecutive duplicates removed. Conclude each output line with the dollar sign character '$'. Note that there is a single space between the last integer and the dollar sign.

Sample Input

5 1 22 22 22 3
4 98 76 20 76
6 19 19 35 86 86 86
1 7

Sample Output

1 22 3 $
98 76 20 76 $
19 35 86 $
7 $



Mid-Central USA 2009