Gauß in Elementary School

Time Limit: 1000MS

Memory Limit: 65536K


Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777 – 1855) was one of the most important German mathematicians. For those of you who remember the Deutsche Mark, a picture of him was printed on the 10 – DM bill. In elementary school, his teacher J. G. Büttner tried to occupy the pupils by making them add up the integers from 1 to 100. The young Gauß surprised everybody by producing the correct answers (5050) within seconds.Can you write a computer program that can compute such sums really quickly?Given two integers n and m, you should compute the sum of all the integers from n to m. In other words, you should compute


The first line contains the number of scenarios. Each scenario consists of a line containing the numbers n and m (−109nm ≤ 109).


The output for every scenario begins with a line containing “Scenario #i:”, where i is the number of the scenario starting at 1. Then print the sum of all integers from n to m. Terminate the output for the scenario with a blank line.

Sample Input

1 100
-11 10
-89173 938749341

Sample Output

Scenario #1:

Scenario #2:

Scenario #3:



TUD Programming Contest 2006, Darmstadt, Germ