Time Limit: 1000MS

Memory Limit: 30000K


Transmitting and memorizing information is a task that requires different coding systems for the best use of the available space. A well known system is that one where a number is associated to a character sequence. It is considered that the words are made only of small characters of the English alphabet a,b,c, ..., z (26 characters). From all these words we consider only those whose letters are in lexigraphical order (each character is smaller than the next character). The coding system works like this: • The words are arranged in the increasing order of their length. • The words with the same length are arranged in lexicographical order (the order from the dictionary). • We codify these words by their numbering, starting with a, as follows: a - 1 b - 2 ... z - 26 ab - 27 ... az - 51 bc - 52 ... vwxyz - 83681 ... Specify for a given word if it can be codified according to this coding system. For the affirmative case specify its code.


The only line contains a word. There are some constraints: • The word is maximum 10 letters length • The English alphabet has 26 characters.


The output will contain the code of the given word, or 0 if the word can not be codified.

Sample Input


Sample Output