Add number

Time Limit: 1000 ms

Memory Limit: 65535 ms


Employees of Baidu like to play a game called Making Numbers. It goes like this: there are two players in the game, one is called little A, the other little B. There are some cards with a number on each one of them, little A chooses a number X from 1 to N randomly, while little B has to choose some cards, the sum of which equals X. Now there are already M cards with numbers, and K blank cards. At the beginning of the game, little B is allowed to write numbers on the blank cards. Now little B wants to know, if it is possible to write some numbers that will assure him of the victory, that is to say, if it is possible for him to make up any number from 1 to N with the cards.


The input consists of several test cases. The first line is an integer T , in the second line of each case are 3 numbers, N M K, the second line shows the number that is already written on M cards. 0 < N < 100000000 , 0 < = M < 20 , 0 < K < 20The numbers in the second line are above 0, smaller than or equals N, in non-descending order.


If little B can make it, output "YES", else output "NO".

Sample Input

15 0 4 
12 3 2
3 3 3
13 3 2
3 3 3

Sample Output





2010 summer1