Add More Zero

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 131072/131072 K (Java/Others)


There is a youngster known for amateur propositions concerning several mathematical hard problems.

Nowadays, he is preparing a thought-provoking problem on a specific type of supercomputer which has ability to support calculations of integers between $0$ and $(2^m - 1)$ (inclusive).

As a young man born with ten fingers, he loves the powers of $10$ so much, which results in his eccentricity that he always ranges integers he would like to use from $1$ to $10^k$ (inclusive).

For the sake of processing, all integers he would use possibly in this interesting problem ought to be as computable as this supercomputer could.

Given the positive integer $m$, your task is to determine maximum possible integer $k$ that is suitable for the specific supercomputer.


The input contains multiple test cases. Each test case in one line contains only one positive integer $m$, satisfying $1 \leq m \leq 10^5$.


For each test case, output "Case #$x$: $y$" in one line (without quotes), where $x$ indicates the case number starting from $1$ and $y$ denotes the answer of corresponding case.

Sample Input

1 64

Sample Output

Case #1: 0 Case #2: 19




2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Te