Rower Bo

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 131072/131072 K (Java/Others)


There is a river on the Cartesian coordinate system,the river is flowing along the x-axis direction.

Rower Bo is placed at $(0,a)$ at first.He wants to get to origin $(0,0)$ by boat.Boat speed relative to water is $v_1$,and the speed of the water flow is $v_2$.He will adjust the direction of $v_1$ to origin all the time.

Your task is to calculate how much time he will use to get to origin.Your answer should be rounded to four decimal places.

If he can't arrive origin anyway,print"Infinity"(without quotation marks).


There are several test cases. (no more than 1000)

For each test case,there is only one line containing three integers $a,v_1,v_2$.

$0\leq a\leq 100$, $0\leq v_1,v_2,\leq 100$, $a,v_1,v_2$ are integers


For each test case,print a string or a real number.

If the absolute error between your answer and the standard answer is no more than $10^{-4}$, your solution will be accepted.

Sample Input

2 3 3 2 4 3

Sample Output

Infinity 1.1428571429




2016 Multi-University Training Contest 3