Baby Ming and phone number

Time Limit: 3000/1500 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 65536/65536 K (Java/Others)


Baby Ming collected lots of cell phone numbers, and he wants to sell them for money.

He thinks normal number can be sold for $b$ yuan, while number with following features can be sold for $a$ yuan.

1.The last five numbers are the same. (such as 123-4567-7777)

2.The last five numbers are successive increasing or decreasing, and the diffidence between two adjacent digits is $1$. (such as 188-0002-3456)

3.The last eight numbers are a date number, the date of which is between Jar 1st, 1980 and Dec 31th, 2016. (such as 188-1888-0809,means August ninth,1888)

Baby Ming wants to know how much he can earn if he sells all the numbers.


In the first line contains a single positive integer $T$, indicating number of test case.

In the second line there is a positive integer $n$, which means how many numbers Baby Ming has.(no two same phone number)

In the third line there are $2$ positive integers $a, b$, which means two kinds of phone number can sell $a$ yuan and $b$ yuan.

In the next $n$ lines there are $n$ cell phone numbers.(|phone number|==11, the first number can’t be 0)

$1 \leq T \leq 30, b < 1000, 0 < a, n \leq 100,000$


How much Baby Nero can earn.

Sample Input

1 5 100000 1000 12319990212 11111111111 22222223456 10022221111 32165491212

Sample Output





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