Where is Bob

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 65536/65536 K (Java/Others)


Alice is playing a game with JSL. (...where is Bob?)

Alice picks a number $x$ from segment $[{l}_{1},{r}_{1}]$. After saw this number, JSL picks a number $y$ from segment $[{l}_{2},{r}_{2}]$.($x$ and $y$ may have same value). Finally, they compute $z=x\oplus y$ ($\oplus $ is exclusive or). Alice wants $z$ to be as maximal as possible while JSL wants $z$ to be as minimal as possible. Alice and JSL are both clever enough, and what's the final value of $z$?


Multiple test cases. In the first line there is an integer $T$, indicating the number of test cases.
For each test cases, there are four integers ${l}_{1},{r}_{1},{l}_{2},{r}_{2}$ .
$1\leq T\leq 10000,0 \leq {l}_{1} \leq {r}_{1} \leq {10}^{9}, 0 \leq {l}_{2} \leq {r}_{2} \leq {10}^{9}$


For each test case, output one line. The output format is Case #x: ans, x is the case number,starting from $1$. $ans$ is the value of $z$.

Sample Input

2 1 4 3 8 1 3 4 7

Sample Output

Case #1: 2 Case #2: 4




BestCoder Round #38 ($)