No Pain No Game

Time Limit: 4000/2000 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)


Life is a game,and you lose it,so you suicide.
But you can not kill yourself before you solve this problem:
Given you a sequence of number a1, a2, ..., an.They are also a permutation of 1...n.
You need to answer some queries,each with the following format:
If we chose two number a,b (shouldn't be the same) from interval [l, r],what is the maximum gcd(a, b)? If there's no way to choose two distinct number(l=r) then the answer is zero.


First line contains a number T(T <= 5),denote the number of test cases.
Then follow T test cases.
For each test cases,the first line contains a number n(1 <= n <= 50000).
The second line contains n number a1, a2, ..., an.
The third line contains a number Q(1 <= Q <= 50000) denoting the number of queries.
Then Q lines follows,each lines contains two integer l, r(1 <= l <= r <= n),denote a query.


For each test cases,for each query print the answer in one line.

Sample Input

1 10 8 2 4 9 5 7 10 6 1 3 5 2 10 2 4 6 9 1 4 7 10

Sample Output

5 2 2 4 3




2013 Multi-University Training Contest 3