Reverse Number

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)

Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)


Welcome to 2006'4 computer college programming contest!

Specially, I give my best regards to all freshmen! You are the future of HDU ACM! And now, I must tell you that ACM problems are always not so easy, but, except this one... Ha-Ha!

Give you an integer; your task is to output its reverse number. Here, reverse number is defined as follows:
1. The reverse number of a positive integer ending without 0 is general reverse, for example, reverse (12) = 21;
2. The reverse number of a negative integer is negative, for example, reverse (-12) = -21;
3. The reverse number of an integer ending with 0 is described as example, reverse (1200) = 2100.


Input file contains multiple test cases. There is a positive integer n (n<100) in the first line, which means the number of test cases, and then n 32-bit integers follow.


For each test case, you should output its reverse number, one case per line.

Sample Input

3 12 -12 1200

Sample Output

21 -21 2100




HDU 2006-4 Programming Contest